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Persico began its venture in the marine industry when an unexpected visitor came calling.

One day after the installation of Persico’s CNC 5-axis miller, Mr. Caglieris, an engineer working for the prominent industrialist Raul Gardini, showed up to have a look at the innovative machine.

Mr. Gardini was the head of the Il Moro Challenge syndicate, which was about to build the five Il Moro di Venezia boats for the 28th America’s Cup.

Other notable members of the team were the skipper, Paul Cayard, and the designer, Germán Frers.

Persico took on its own challenge: to be the first to mill the new-generation International America’s Cup Class (IACC) shells and keels – unique components that were technologically advanced for those times.
Land Rover Bar
We built Wings, Platform and Foils for the Land Rover Bar Catamarans for the America’s Cup 2017 in Bermuda.
Luna Rossa Challenge and Artemis Racing
Persico provided key catamaran components for these two well-known competitors in the 34th America's Cup.
It built the hull and foils for the Luna Rossa AC72 and manufactured the plugs and infused carbon moulds for the Artemis AC72 wingsails.
The 40-metre wings were moulded in Valencia, Spain, at partner Future Fibres' facility.
Luna Rossa Challenge
Persico Marine developed most of the necessary construction equipment, including four-part moulds, and handled the building of the two carbon-fibre Luna Rossa boats (ITA86 and ITA94) for the 32nd America's Cup.
Moreover, it backed the sailing team for all its technical and production needs.
Il Moro di Venezia
Persico took on the challenge to be the first to mill the new-generation International America's Cup Class (IACC) shells and keels – unique components that were technologically advanced for the time.
Rán V and MOMO

Persico expanded its private yacht building service with two new projects, the 72-foot sistership mini maxis Rán V and MOMO.

Building almost twin TP52s
Persico was commissioned to build both the Rán and Gladiator TP52s for the 2015 season.
This led to significant savings for the teams, who split the primary tooling costs.
Nevertheless, each boat was given its own identity with substantial differences in onboard systems, as well as subtle changes in deck geometry.

First up this time around is the new TP52 for team ‘Phoenix' which is the latest creation from the Botin Partners yacht designer for the 2018 season. We are really happy to be working with this Team and are looking forward th seeing her on the water battling the other teams.

We are delighted to be working with the Provezza TP52 team and building the new Judel-Vrolijk design for the 2018 season which is now under construction in the build hall here at Persico Marine. We just started and the timeline is tight so we are working pretty hard to beat the timeline! Its not going to be easy!
IMOCA monohull
No Way Back, a brand new VPLP-Verdier foiler
No Way Back is the former Vento di Sardegna, a VPLP-Verdier designed boat from the latest generation, built originally for the Italian skipper, Andrea Mura, before his sponsors were forced to throw in the towel due to the economic crisis in Italy. Consequently, she is a brand new boat with foils. Built at the Persico Marine yard in Italy and launched August 2015, this 60-foot boat was designed and built to be capable of winning the Vendée Globe.
No Way Back with the skipper Pieter Heerema crossed the finish line after 116 days 9 hrs, 24 mins and 12 secs at 21:26:12 UTC on 02/03/2017

The boat’s previous names: Vento di Sardegna
Designer: VPLP-Verdier
Chantier : Persico Marine
Launch Date: 01 August 2015
Length: 18,28 m
Beam: 5,80 m
Draught: 4,50 m
Displacement (weight): 7,5 tonnes
Number of foils: 2
Mast height: 29 m / mât-aile monotype IMOCA
Keel blade: monotype IMOCA
Upwind sail area: 320 m²
Downwind sail area: 570 m²