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Persico Marine produces all types of high-performance moulds and frames to meet your needs.
We will help you choose the right mould construction method to optimize your production equation in terms of cost, production time, accuracy and weight saving.

* Wally 100’: high-temperature carbon mould.

Direct Moulds

Direct moulding is a fast, technologically advanced technique using CNC milling to produce durable moulds for production runs. With this innovative method, Persico Marine can make standard production moulds (divided into parts) for large nautical projects. Indeed it can manufacture complete moulds (excluding the initial male mould) for large-size yachts up to 50m long. Since the moulds are obtained exclusively through direct CNC milling, they ensure the utmost dimensional and geometrical quality in strict conformity with the shapes created by your designers.


These days, when many more boats are restyled then in the past, Persico Marine's new construction method, providing much higher quality standards compared with traditional construction techniques, is a readily available and winning solution to market demand – and your specific needs.