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A unique combination of performance and comfort characterizes the new WallyCento. The superyacht is the result of the collaboration among excellences in the sector: the yacht designer Mark Mills, the Italian boatbuilder Persico Marine and the design house, Pininfarina.

Starting from the design of Mark Mills, Persico Marine is currently building the fourth superyacht in the WallyCento box-rule class with the goal of delivering the 100-foot racer-cruiser in summer 2017.


Persico began the building process by manufacturing the CNC female mould in its Nembro plant. Next the mould was transported to the new Persico Savona facility housing a new 45 m x 12 m oven, as well as other state-of-the-art equipment. Now Persico has started laminating the yacht’s hull, deck and structure.
persico marine
persico marine