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Integrated full-spectrum service tailored to your needs

Persico Marine provides innovative integrated solutions for the marine industry, incorporating its extensive know-how and advanced technology. Not only do we offer a full-spectrum service – from design to engineering, plugs, moulds and boats –, but also, and even more importantly, we work closely with our clients from start to finish on each and every project. From the very first contact, through scheduling, design, engineering, production and logistics, Persico staff will always be on hand to assist you in making and implementing the right decisions to meet your production needs. Our integrated solution achieved through collaboration and state-of-the-art full service means quicker delivery and higher quality.

Design & engineering

Persico Marine’s engineers and technicians offer experienced co-design support, as well as proficient design and engineering, for our clients' nautical projects. Working together with our clients, we develop integrated technologically advanced projects ensuring:

  • Construction specifications that meet special market requirements.
  • Full compliance with the construction work schedule.
  • production cost estimates.
  • Production process industrialization of the nautical project.
  • Finished product quality standards.

In carrying out client design work, the Engineering Department always uses the latest updates of internationally renowned 3D CAD software systems (Unigraphics, Catia, Alias, Personal Design, Proengineering, Omnicad, and many more).

Reverse Engineering

Some projects may require creating new parts that match existing ones (product restyling). Reverse engineering is essential in these cases. In order to ensure perfect assembly between the new and existing parts, Persico Marine uses multiple technologies during control and testing operations, including the creation of a new 3D file for comparison with the original one.


Frames may also be designed using advanced 3D-software systems. The frames can be engineered and made fixed, movable or horizontally pivoted. The construction of the frame and the mould are processed in parallel, which is a significant benefit because they are finished at the same time (the whole frame is fitted on the mould) and overall production time is reduced. Each frame is designed precisely according to the shipyard's specifications