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Persico was established as a wood-moulding factory in Nembro, Italy. Through the years, the company has expanded to become a leading worldwide manufacturer of moulds and equipment for the auto, rotomoulding, aerospace and marine industries.


Precision moulding: CNC 5-axis milling
Persico introduced the first computer numerical control (CNC) 5-axis miller in Italy, which was also among the first in Europe. At that time, 5-axis milling was revolutionary compared to the older 3-axis process and enabled Persico to provide its customers with previously unattainable solutions.


Setting sail: Il Moro di Venezia - 1992 America’s Cup
Persico began its venture in the marine industry when an unexpected visitor came calling.
One day after the installation of Persico’s CNC 5-axis miller, Mr. Caglieris, an engineer working for the prominent industrialist Raul Gardini, showed up to have a look at the innovative machine. Mr. Gardini was the head of the Il Moro Challenge syndicate, which was about to build the five Il Moro di Venezia boats for the 28th America’s Cup. Other notable members of the team were the skipper, Paul Cayard, and the designer, Germán Frers.
Persico took on its own challenge: to be the first to mill the new-generation International America’s Cup Class (IACC) shells and keels – unique components that were technologically advanced for those times.


Building know-how: Russell Coutts’ RC44
Persico constructed the moulds for the hull, deck and helm of the RC44 designed by Russell Coutts. This was a fundamental step at both design and production levels, allowing Persico to develop know-how that would be used on future projects.


The turning point: Luna Rossa Challenge – 2007 America’s Cup
This project marked the establishment of Persico’s Marine Division as a full-fledged racing yacht builder.
Persico’s involvement in the Luna Rossa Challenge began with a phone call from Claudio Maletto, at that time the head of the Luna Rossa technical department. Mr. Maletto knew about Persico’s high-tech capabilities because he had also been part of the Il Moro di Venezia team.
Persico developed most of the necessary construction equipment, including four-part moulds, and handled the building of the two carbon-fibre Luna Rossa boats (ITA86 and ITA94) for the 32nd America's Cup. Moreover, it backed the sailing team for all its technical and production needs.


Partnering with a rigging specialist: Future Fibres
Persico Marine and Future Fibres Rigging Systems, based in Valencia, Spain, teamed up to share know-how and produce moulds, boats, rigging and carbon masts in the high-end turnkey yacht market.


Going global: Abu Dhabi’s Azzam – 2011-12 Volvo Ocean Race
The Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority selected Persico to build a state-of-the-art VO70 racing yacht for the Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing team in the 2011-2012 Volvo Ocean Race. The boat Azzam – created together with the eminent American design firm, Farr Yacht Design – was the winner of the 2011 Fastnet Race, before competing in the Volvo Race.


Backing two challengers: Artemis Racing and Luna Rossa Challenge – 2013 America’s Cup
Persico provided key catamaran components for these two well-known competitors in the 34th America’s Cup. It built the hull and foils for the Luna Rossa AC72 and manufactured the plugs and infused carbon moulds for the Artemis AC72 wingsails. The 40-m wings were moulded in Valencia, Spain, at partner Future Fibres’ facility.


Collaborating on innovation: Farr 65-ft. One Design – 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race
Persico was chosen to manufacture the moulds, hulls, structural bulkheads, keel boxes and other key parts for the new 65-foot class of monohulls for the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race. Persico is part of a consortium of shipbuilders that will produce a minimum of eight One Design boats according to a design by Farr Yacht Design. By building the boats in sub-assemblies with tight tolerances, the race organizers aim to trim production time and costs, as well as increase the number of competitors.


Building better mini maxis: Rán V and Momo
Persico expanded its private yacht building service with two new projects, the 72-foot sistership mini maxis Rán V and MOMO.

Developing a new 60-ft. One Design
Persico started working on a new Frers 60-ft. day sailer. The project has attracted the attention of owners interested in creating fast one-design class.


Building almost twin TP52s: Rán and Gladiator
Persico was commissioned to build both the Rán and Gladiator TP52s for the 2015 season. This led to significant savings for the teams, who split the primary tooling costs. Nevertheless, each boat was given its own identity with substantial differences in onboard systems, as well as subtle changes in deck geometry.

Salvaging a competitor: Vestas Wind – 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race
Persico repaired the Vestas Wind in record time after the boat ran aground on the Cargados Carajos Shoals in the Indian Ocean during the Volvo Ocean Race. Thanks to the Herculean efforts of Persico and its collaborators, the boat was able to rejoin the race in Lisbon for the last few legs.

Gearing up for a solo race: IMOCA 60 – Vendée Globe 2016
Persico built Andrea Mura’s new Imoca 60 for the around-the-world solo Vendée Globe 2016. Designed by the innovative Guillaume Verdier, the advanced monohull enabled Mura to take on racing’s ultimate challenge.


Persico Marine builds custom racing yachts for the world’s most renowned racing teams and private owners. Moreover, it supplies plugs, moulds and frames for the manufacture of motorboats and sailing yachts.
Persico is highly regarded as a skilled, full-service supplier, always ready to share its technological know-how with its clients.
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